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What is this part called? Metal trim on top of passenger windows?

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I lost this part recently on the driver's side. The metal trim/guide/molding that is above each passenger window. What is it called? I've been trying to find a replacement online and can't come up with the right search terms. I keep getting results either for a) for the rubber seal that goes between the door and body or b) the outer plastic molding that goes around the windows.


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5 hours ago, Jesse J said:

do the rails actually help with visibility modern cars don't have them. 

This was where the roof skin was typically spot welded to the rest of the body. On modern cars, the roofs are glued on. That’s why lots of them have a rubbery strip above the doors. The drip rail molding covered up the seam. 

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19 hours ago, Eagle said:

Get a length of stainless gutter trim off a Cherokee and (pardon the pun) trim it.


^^^THIS^^^ is the way to solve this.  


I bought some raingutter trim rails for an XJ from Team Cherokee, and then I cut them down and trimmed/bent the rear edge of the rail to wrap around the trailing edge of the body seam.   I attached the rails to the body with flexible body adhesive I bought at the local auto paint supply house.

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