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Found a sweet all SS, master built grill (model: SQPGD) in a neighbors trash the other day. It was pretty dirty but all the pieces seemed to be there so I decided to bring it home.


Cleaned up extremely well on the outside. It is made in china, but it does seem to be made out of a pretty good quality SS. REM barely has any attraction.





It is in fact complete. But there are several pieces that I would like to/need to be replaced. Namely the burner.


Pic after blasting.








The problem I'm running into is parts availability. This grill is a ghost. It's hard to even find images of it let alone parts.  I've searched eBay, amazon, bing, google and a host of grill parts website all of which have produced nothing.


If anyone has a recommendation or better yet a link to parts it would be very much appreciated.



I can't bear the thought of throwing this thing away, but what else can I do if I can't find the parts?





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