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Anyone tried running Aero or Speedway IMCA (dirt track) Beadlocks on MJ???

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So, I came across these roundy-round wheels on ebay and Speedway's website (cheaper at Speedway):




Our bolt pattern, multiple offsets available,  15s, and "designed for vehicles up to 3500#s".  Well, we may be a bit over the "designed" limit, but we aren't running 80 mph in circles bouncing off walls! lol 


I have a full set of Pitbull Rockers I took off my truck needing wheels... what do you guys think?  There are several different models, colors, sizes, etc. (I just took the pic of the black Aeros), but they get down to about $120/ wheel..


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I wouldn't see an issue running them on an off-road rig.  As long as it's not super loaded down with gear and your not bouncing off rocks too hard.   Looks like they only have a beadlock on one side tho?


I'd be more weary for an on-road rig, bead locks are illegal for road use in most places anyway but hitting a pothole at speed could be an issue with an overweight vehicle.


I have seen vehicles in videos and TV with Aero branded wheels, never really heard a review on them though.

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Kind of my thoughts all the way around.  My rig weighs around 4300#s, but I tote around a 35" spare, extra fuel, and a fabbed bed; I'm not putting it under heavy stress however.  They would be for my offroad tires.  They are only one-side beadlocks, but its the side that takes the abuse.  Plus, you can only run a tire "off" the outside lol.

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I know, but it's about like a standard steel wheel.  Replacement rings avail.  If becomes an issue, could have machine shop make thicker replacements.  I'm not one to destroy my rigs off-road; I usually drive to-and-from unless it's a long ways away.  I've never damaged a wheel on my CJs or my Defenders... just thought these would be nice when airing down in the soft stuff.  Need the wheels for my other tires and these are as cheap as a set of standard steelies...


Just trying to get everyone's input - I appreciate you chiming in!

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