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January 2021-olddude's 89 Pioneer

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January 2021

@olddude's 89 Pioneer



Build Thread- 


Year/Model - 1989 Pioneer, 222,794 miles


Drivetrain- stock AW4 w/overdrive


Cooling- stock, closed system added aluminum recovery tank w/pressure cap replacing plastic tank .




Electrical/Ignition- stock, replaced ign. switch(the switch sometimes does not engage)



Suspension/Steering- stock, Gabriel HD shocks



Interior-  stock, bucket seats, recovered 5 yrs ago



Brakes- stock



Lighting- stock, LED's in inst. panel(old guys need light!). Headlight harness upgrade.




Exterior- stock, sterling metallic original color, repainted 5 yrs ago.




Wheel & Tires- BFG KO2 30x9.5 on jeep 5 stoke wheels.




Misc- pretty much plain stock Comanche pickup.



Best MJ story- Really don't have a good MJ story. The truck is amazing, in 31 years it has failed me once, crank sensor. People are always commenting  on it and asking if I would sell it. I am proud of it. It's been the best little truck I've ever owned.


CC is Awesome! Why?  Good folks that just love Comanches and enjoy sharing experiences and helping members maintain their Comanches.





Congrats @olddude, you have a beautiful truck!

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Thanks, I appreciate the nice comments. I feel honored to have my truck chosen along with the  previous recipients. Nothing special about it just a plain jane. As I have said before this old truck has done me proud.

A couple of months ago I probably would not have bragged on it when I was replacing the a/c evaporator and heater core. But you have to expect having thing wear out in 31 years. I plan to keep on driving it as long as I can or they plant me in the ground.

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well maintained, perfect example of taking  care  of your ride and it will take care of you and get you where you wanna go. or your just smart and know the more you do to it the more you'll have to mess with and could fail along the way. i see you are smart enough to get a solid recovery tank. nice upgrade. :L:


solid rig and appreciate you being apart of the club and being here to show what my truck started life like before i started driving it. :grinyes:

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Congrats from one original owner to another, you have a great mj and glad it has served you well. Ironically one of the upgrades I have done is the exact same aluminum overflow tank, great upgrade! I don't know how many caps I went through over the years, when I got a crack in the plastic tank it was the motivation I needed to get the solid aluminum one. 



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