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1987 Pioneer (INKY) 4x4 4.0 Auto


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11 hours ago, Pete M said:

I guess brakes are important too, but where's that winch?!  :D 


do you still have the rear prop valve?

Winch is still in the box for now. Haven’t had a chance to get it in yet. 

No I deleted the rear prop valve and swapped in a YJ main prop block under the hood. 

Took it out for a 50 mile drive today. Did pretty good. Temp hovered between 198-206. Still not perfect, but held 55-65mph pretty good. Not bad for 3:55’s and 32x11.50 tires. Brake pedal did get a bit soft a couple of times and she wants to wander on rougher stretches of pavement. 

We are getting there though. 

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5 hours ago, Jesse J said:

looks great! love the matte gloss wanting to do something to my lwb in the near future.

Thanks! I went back and forth on colors and finish. This was a test and turned out pretty good. I painted the front clip a couple months ago from a different batch of paint than the rest so it’s just a tad lighter than the rest of the truck. 

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Spent a few days a Barbers Motorsports Park. Toured the museum and watched the incredibly talented racers navigate the wet track all weekend. 355219A2-CBA7-47BB-A523-C0014FABD6F4.jpeg.a1b3cd9aedb3a38524769a465cec6014.jpeg

Now back to real life and getting INKY on the road. Found my brake problem, drivers side parking brake cable was frozen in engaged position. Got it freed up and brakes are now working properly. 


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16 hours ago, GrandComanche said:

Amazing job start to finish on your truck! That is one hell of a transformation. It looks great. I really like the body color with accents you went with. What is the decal on the hood of? Could you put up a close up photo?


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