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On 12/16/2020 at 9:18 AM, derf said:

I make it out to Cedar Rapids, IA to visit my family once in a while.  But it's usually only for holidays and I'm usually driving my Subaru (or whatever will replace it).

Well, if you find your way out towards us come spring time, please let us know, even if you are in a Subaru (side note, did you know that Subaru backwards is U R A Bus? :roflmao:)

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13 hours ago, 500 MJ said:



Interested, going to need more details and probably give my RSVP later in the winter when I know more about the situation I’ll be in then for the spring. 

Hopefully we are able to come up with more details in the coming weeks/month.

11 hours ago, MiNi Beast said:

surly. ill be around playing in the UP. as long as there's food ill be there. :banana:


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31 minutes ago, JeepcoMJ said:

Just let me know when/where.


Depending on where, I may arrive in a different kind of Comanche... (one of the Avian variety)


As of now, seeing as though I am trying to get a get together for us in WI, along some in MN and IA, probably in the La Crosse area. I am also thinking spring time, since I will be bringing my truck regardless of where we meet and mine is in winter storage. 

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1 minute ago, Pete M said:


has using the phrase "my plane" gotten old yet?  :D 

To be honest, not really.


what has gotten old is "I haven't started flying yet because i took the plane apart and don't have time to put it back together"

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