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Any Utah mofos?

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5 hours ago, Pete M said:

did you check the members map?  just because they don't notice the zoned subforums doesn't mean they aren't here. :L:  

good point lets try this. 











I'm doubtfull most people haven't been here since the 2000s although dirteat and fierokid have been active

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5 hours ago, Fierokid87 said:

Yes I'm sorta still active. I mainly just lurk around, not much of a poster.. my jeep has been sitting for ~5 years now. Still waiting for me to finish installing a lift kit and doors. 

damn. well it's cool your still active. go finish that jeep!:jammin:

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1 hour ago, Jesse J said:

so far we have 5 people who have signed on recently 


fiero kid




I definitely know of a couple more MJs in Logan. I'll see about getting them on here. 

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If you go to the front page and click start topic then scroll down to the comanche registry and select the year. put the vin in the title and attatch some photos and who owns it where etc. and all the of the mods youve done

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