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Blank or _____, answer then ask the next question

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55 minutes ago, MercManche said:

10-4 Good buddy. 


Hard to find (Unique) interior or common as grey interiors?

I prefer the common colors both aesthetically and practically. These days I think my all time favorite would be the Limited interior in Sand. That color was used through 1996 and should be at least possible to find replacement parts for, or spray them myself.





Card games or board games?


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6 minutes ago, NHMJXJ said:

Cow (I don't suppose you get much Surf in CO)


Yellow light.  Right or left pedal (automatic) 

My mother is allergic to shellfish so I never ate much more than fish sticks growing up.  Lots of beef, pork, and chicken though.  I never learned to appreciate seafood.


I used to be a right foot guy back in the day but now I'm more likely to woah than go.


For an automatic, right foot only for brake and gas or left foot brake?

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