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December 2020-scguy's 89 Refreshed Beater

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December 2020

scguy's 89


Build Thread- 





Year/Model - 1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer LWB


Formerly Renix, RWD

Now High Output, 4WD






Jasper Reman. 4.0 short block from a 92 MJ with 26k miles on the rebuild. Bored 0.060” over, so technically, it's a 4.1L (okay, 4.079L). 

Reman 7120 HO head from my parts XJ

Custom grind cam from Comp Cams (also from parts XJ)

Aftermarket header, unknown brand.

99+ intake manifold,  port-matched, heat wrapped on the bottom

Custom exhaust, wanted something with flow but pretty quiet, ended up with a takeoff Charger SRT8 muffler. Nice and quiet, but a decent tone.

Full HO swap from the 93 XJ parts rig

4WD swapped, Non disconnect HP D30, 3.55 for now

D35 rear, 3.55 for now, plan to go SOA with an 8.25 eventually 

AW4, NP231, custom made rear driveshaft




 Cooling- 3 row aluminum radiator, triple electric fans with shroud, Nickintime Design Trinity programmable e-Fan controller, Mopar 195F thermostat, new water pump



117A Alternator from 99 XJ

2 AWG upgraded battery cables

Military style battery terminals

Deka battery

Added auxiliary fuse/relay box for wiring add-ons. 

Remote start, keyless entry

Power window/lock conversion

Headlight relay harness

Complete HO harness swap



Zone Offroad 4.5" lift

Zone Offroad front and rear shocks

Zone Offroad extended sway bar links

IRO double shear track bar and bracket

All new Moog steering parts



Changed interior from blue to grey

2 door XJ grey bucket seats using new seat brackets from @krustyballer16

New ACC carpet

Redid the headliner in grey

Euramtec B pillar interior lights

Added footwell courtesy lights

Changed from column shift to floor shift

Full center console swap

Quadratec floor liners

HO full cluster swap

Repaired rust pinholes in floorboard, entire cab below the belt treated with Chassis Saver. 





 New front calipers

New rear wheel cylinders, shoes, hardware

WJ booster, master cylinder swap

Extended brake lines front and rear



 Autopal E-code H4 housings with Hella 100/90W bulbs

Baja cheap fog lights 



Chrome header panel trim

Painted grille and bumper satin black




Wheel & Tires- 

Mammoth Boulder 15x8s

Cooper AT3 XLTs in 32x11.50R15





New AC compressor (94+ XJ so it's designed for R134a), condenser, expansion valve, filter/drier, heater core

JVC stereo

NVX rear speakers

Noico sound dampening throughout cab, doors, roof

Boostwerks Transfer case shift linkage

97+ XJ washer fluid tank relocation


Best MJ story- 

As a kid growing up in the 90s, I loved racing games. Need for Speed had me dreaming of owning an exotic car, no matter how unlikely that would be. I sketched Ferrari 550 Maranellos, daydreamed about Vipers and Diablos. One day, while my family was visiting a relative upstate, we needed to go get some firewood. The relative and I hopped into his old truck. We drove out of his lane, down the road a bit, and then into the woods. He drove us across a small water crossing, then up a hill to where we loaded some firewood. I remember something clicking in my head, I might not ever own a Viper, but I could own a truck like this. Something solid, reliable, capable. That truck was a Comanche, jump starting my love of 80s and 90s Jeeps. The second vehicle I bought was an 89 XJ Wagoneer, the first being my 1979 Mercury Capri. I loved the Waggy, and hated to sell it, but I was in high school, working part time and my commute with $3+ gas prices was losing me money by driving to work. 


So when the relative contacted me years later, offering to sell me that blue 89 Comanche, I absolutely couldn’t say no. Especially when the price was $300. Fast forward 4.5 years, a lot of work, and here we are.  




CC is Awesome! Why? 

It's great to find a community of friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people who appreciate these great machines. There's such a wealth of knowledge here. 




Congrats @scguy, I don't think it is a beater anymore!

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Thanks y'all, ever since I got the truck, I've hoped it would be worthy of MJOTM eventually.

89MJ, you're welcome to come down and be a South Carolina MJ owner, there are literally several of us. Plus, no snow, minimal rust issues, just have to be able to handle the heat and the mosquitoes.

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2 hours ago, eaglescout526 said:


@89 MJ, wouldn’t you say this is Santa’s refreshed sleigh? Lol. 

Looks great along with a great story. 

Perhaps this is the one for rural deliveries. 


1 hour ago, WahooSteeler said:

Congrats! One of my favorite MJs.....just has "that look" to it. Nice color, patina'd hood, great stance on the 4.5"/32s!

It certainly does. This truck is why I want more lift on mine. 

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7 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

Long beds are excellent. 

Stock height, I think SWBs look better, but lifted, LWBs all the way. A 7ft bed is nice, you can have a toolbox and still have more bed space than most sub 1/2 ton trucks. 

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22 hours ago, scguy said:

Stock height, I think SWBs look better, but lifted, LWBs all the way. A 7ft bed is nice, you can have a toolbox and still have more bed space than most sub 1/2 ton trucks. 

I even think that, when restored to original with original accessories, a LWB looks better than a SWB.

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On 12/7/2020 at 9:45 AM, scguy said:

Stock height, I think SWBs look better, but lifted, LWBs all the way. A 7ft bed is nice, you can have a toolbox and still have more bed space than most sub 1/2 ton trucks. 

yes 100% can't wait until I lift mine

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