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Longer shocks and maybe more lift

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My MJ currently has the engine out, so the front end was up a little bit from that, but when we removed my front shocks, we noticed that they were maxed out height wise. I have about 3 inches of lift in my truck on all 4 corners. Are there any vehicles that the shocks will fit from or do I need to order shocks for a lift?


Also, I have longer LCAs (from a 5 inch lift for an XJ) that are already on my truck, but I want to add more lift. Does anyone have any recommendations for leaf springs and longer front springs? I am thinking around 4.5 inches of lift.

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  • 89 MJ changed the title to Longer shocks and maybe more lift
4 minutes ago, derf said:

Hell creek has some 4.5" lift springs for the rear.  Everyone and their brother makes XJ springs in that range for the front.


Thanks. I am familiar with the Hell Creek springs, I'm just not sure if there is a particularly good brand of front spring. The only think I know for 100% sure is don't buy Rough Country.

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1 minute ago, Pete M said:

I do believe Rustys also sells 4.5 leafpacks.  not sure about General Spring.  but those are the 3 big names in on-the-shelf MJ leafs so that's where you should look. :L: 


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43 minutes ago, JMO413 said:


Good one to read through about shocks. I measured mine and bought Bilstein using the chart above. Best money I've spent on mine.

And I know everyone hate's Rusty's but mine are doing just fine.


Thank you!

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