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Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all

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1 hour ago, scguy said:

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Here's a pic of my sweet potatoes, twice smoked, with maple sriracha candied bacon, pecans and maple cinnamon butter. 98712acbcb23fc8f3c79437aaddf20df.jpg

Where's the miniature marshmellows?  :wink:  Dang, you SC boys know how to cook.  Would love to be partaking of some of that.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  :beerchug:

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Happy Thanksgiving! 

Partner is at his parents place which gives me more time to squirrel away parts in the spare bedroom, roommate made turkey, potatoes, and okra so we had that for lunch (and probably for dinner). Other than that just working on the truck until Sunday. Got the drivers door hinges welded on, going to put the reinforcements in, then strip the cab and move it to the backyard for cab paint. 

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Happy t day! Due to the current landscape had to switch gears to cook for a few versus the many. Did cornish game hens on the grill. Messed up the spatchcock as I should have done them the other way but still turned out pretty damn tasty. Then had a zoom meeting with the fam. That's was interesting.....


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