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37 minutes ago, Torq_Shep said:

Holy rust batman...


Where did you find this? The bottom of the Dead Sea?

I found it on Facebook Marketplace up by the Chicago area, listed at 175 but talked down to 120.  Unfortunately, I am from down by St Louis.  I made the drive last Tuesday and picked it up in one single day (10 hours later...). I walked out in the morning and realized what a mistake it probably was considering there isn't much left of it.  Now I've got to pay 25 a month to store this thing :doh:  I plan on making the best of it though, just making it somewhat.  But the floors are by far the worst I've seen in an MJ...There is literally nothing left all the way to the back wall of the cab.  It's a shame its been neglected, but as far as I know it has changed many hands over the years, several being in the CC group.

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2 hours ago, Torq_Shep said:

I mean for $120 you have a drivetrain. Sounds like a steal for me as a donor but getting it driving again might be a bit rough. 

Yeah.  I wouldn't take it very far, but for a going around town rig or to a show wouldn't be horrible.  I think it'd be a neat item to put in a show with it being all rusted out as is

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On 10/27/2020 at 12:40 AM, eaglescout526 said:

Chiefs are the highest trim you could get between 87-89 or 90? They are by far not common to stumble upon.


17 hours ago, Pete M said:

higher than a Laredo?

Just a continuation on these posts, I just looked through my files and found a Comanche option guide for the 87 model year.  It appears that the Chief only came in a short bed and a Laredo only came with a long bed option, interesting :dry:

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