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Rear passenger-side lights not flashing

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The rear passenger-side brake/turn lights on my 1990 Comanche have stopped flashing or coming on with the brakes. I've tried to narrow down the problem. 


Everything on the driver's side works fine. On the passenger side, with the lights off, the front turn signal flashes and it flashes on the dash, but nothing happens in the rear. With the lights on (headlights on or off), the rear tail lights are on, but when I flip on the right turn signal, it doesn't flash front or back, and on the dash it's a dimmer than normal arrow not flashing. The brakes don't make it brighten with lights on or off.


It has two bulbs in the rear light, plus the backup light. I replaced all of those, no change. I checked the bulbs in the front and they look fine. Because of the dim arrow on the dash, I'm thinking there's a short somewhere, or possibly a bad ground, but I'm not sure where to start looking. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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While fighting my rear lights I did the Cruiser54 ground refresh http://cruiser54.com/?p=19 for the rear, in this case. Ultimately I ended up doing the fuel pump reground http://cruiser54.com/?p=249 in addition to that I cut the ground wire to about 10" from the cab side of the rear harness connector and grounded that the the rear "frame". Once I did that my rear harness ground issues went away.

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