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1989 mj with 95 and 98 xj upgrades

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so before I knew it was a thing. I bought a lifted 89 comanche. I mean thing was built right as far as drive train and the lift goes. I was always a bit depressed that it was gutless just a pig. it had the 2.5 il4 with ax15 standard 5 speed tranny and chromally axles 4.10 gears and a 6 inch lift no complaints under the frame or unibody. I once owned a 94 xj sport with a 4.0 ho right out of highschool it was my pride and joy with a small lift. it was far from a turd and had more then enough power but after a wave of  unfortunate events my jeep was destroyed. so tho my mj was not as fun it didn't have enough power to break anything. then one warm Alaskan morning it happened. rescue call reached out to me this was the next morning after installing my new rough country winch. I left my house in 2 wheel drive was driving down at paved whindy road and bam the gear shifter started shaking and grinding. so I returned to my garage and pulled the plug metal chunks of gears poured out of the tranny. it was done for . I knew where there was two XJs one a 98 and the other was a 95. both auto trans. bought them both I was in. then i get on here and start tearing the forums apart flagging all the 4.0 swaps. And the 98 interior swaps by the was has been the hardest part by far. but I got some other parts from other places. 

I got a 95 DJ motor with a 01x intake a 98 power steering pump. an extra plastic fan. a air raid for my fuel injection. it has about 95 % of the 98 interior in the mj now and the I custom made the heads up display out of the 95 plus the speaker tower from the 95xj. I also had my bench seat reupholstered to match the new interior. it still needs body paint. not having my mj half the summer sucked bad . but the hard word a perseverance  is going to pay off very soon. but there is no way I could of done any of this without you help. I will post more pics asap. but here is a sneak peak. 

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