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2 minutes ago, Comanche SS said:

I'm sure I could find my old insurance, it would be a search though


please do!  :D 

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This is information from TheJeepNut's Zoho.com site. Thanks to TheJeepNut for allowing us to use his content.


These are images taken by the ORIGINAL OWNER!




He had possession of this beauty over 20 years before it became prudent for him to sell it.

"It has been the best vehicle that I have ever owned. It is number 59 of 100 with the brass plate on the dash and is the only one like it that I have ever seen. It currently has 206782 miles on it and is still running very strong. It does leak a little oil but not much and has some interior cracks on the vinyl dash and arm rest and a pretty broke down driver's seat but is in overall pretty great condition for its age. It has the 4.0 liter straight six and a five speed manual transmission. It came with Einke Saw Blade mags and the tires are in nearly new condition. It is exactly the way I bought it from the dealership in Bakersfield, CA back in 1987. It was repainted in the original Colorado Red color a few years back but I have done no other mods whatsoever."

Great looking Street Comanche!!!  I like those wheels on there!  But alas... all was not well in So Cal....

The truck was offered on Craigslist I believe and reportedly sold in one hour. As the story goes, the buyer promised to keep it together "forever".  One week later it was spotted on the street for sale in Oceanside.

Apparently the buyer was just a flipper or something. The original owner sold it for $2k and buyer/new owner was asking $3900 initially. I'm sure he thought some young Marine would jump right on it and he'd make a killing. Anyway, was last seen listed on Craigslist ads in Orange and San Diego counties @ $2600 before the ad went dead....which was because....

...somebody bought it. But apparently the new owner wasn't nearly so caring.

The side was caved in and rear corner damaged in the short time he had it. Apparently the rear wheel got buggered up 'cause the nice Saw Blade on the RR has been replaced with a mis-match.

Fortunately he decided to sell it before completely destroying it.

So now another ComancheClub.com member has rescued and is restoring it!

Has replaced leaf springs and front coils to bring it back to stock height, did the AX15 upgrade, and new e-brake cable. She still has the moderate body damage but all the mouldings are intact.

#59's in much better hands than before I think.

...and #59 has traded hands.

New owner has this to say about his newly acquired Street Comanche:

I am currently 16, living in San Diego CA. I bought Street Comanche #59 on January 7, 2015 along with many many extra parts. Turns out the previous owner only lived five minutes away! He was very gracious and included hundreds of parts along side the truck, for free!! I brought along my XJ to pick it up and it was filled to the roof and the truck bed was all the way full as well. He had done a few significant upgrades. First, the AX-15 upgrade, which is still going awesome. He also replaced all the fluids and new suspension all the way around. 215,XXX miles on it and going strong!

The Comanche is in a Jeep family, the 8th Jeep inside our family and it is going to stay. It is alongside 1 XJ, 1 WK, 2 WJ’s, 1 TJ and one Willys. The Archer body kit is all in good condition but does need to be painted. Where the truck got hit is still dented but I will soon be fixing that and getting the truck back in tip-top shape. The previous owner threw in a cab corner he got from a fellow CC member and I will soon be getting that all squared away. As for the bed it can be punched out and all the marks will most likely buff out. When all the dents are out the whole truck and fenders will be going to get painted a similar color to #54's gray but matte. The rims might be upgraded or painted. Most likely black. ALL THE ORIGINAL PARTS WILL BE KEPT AND STORED SAFELY. The rear of the truck sits a bit high and is kind of rough, so I will most likely just take out one of the springs in the packs. The bed has a plastic liner but will be replaced with actual spray on bed liner. With all that, the exterior will be taken care of. The interior is in fair condition but needs some work. The steering is in good condition but the Jeep center bump needs to be mounted. The ignition cylinder was worn smooth so that got replaced. The door locks are sticky and will be getting replaced. I got all new keys made. The center console is in good condition with one minor crack. Shifter and emergency brake are just fine. The passenger seat had broken but I've taken it to get the frame fixed and made even stronger. The windows will be tinted very soon. It did not come with a stereo so that is on the list. A new head unit, new speakers, and even a subwoofer in that tiny cab! Next then drivetrain… this is the most of the upgrades will be. Its gonna start off with a cold air intake snorkel style but doesn't protrude out the side. Instead it goes through the firewall and sits right under the wiper motors. The injectors and fuel rails will all be upgraded to Bosch. I will have a custom fabrication done to the exhaust via an exhaust aficionado nearby. It will be Flowmaster of course. I might throw in a throttle body, maybe not, due to speculation. The tranny is good but if it ever comes time for a new clutch an upgraded one is in store for the amazing AX-15. The rear axle will be converted to an AMC-20 SINGLE tube design. AMC-20’s typically are two piece and that's what caused them to be bad. The single piece axles are stronger and I will never need to worry about anything breaking. (Info on that to previous owner and CC member MJREMI) The axle has a limited slip 4:10 differential with new axle shafts. The whole axle was built by MJREMI and he said he had all new diffs axles and brakes installed. Which leads me to brakes. This will be converted to a YJ master cylinder which is an upgrade due to dual diaphragms within. The rear axle was built with oversized pads and drums to stop easier. The front axle will be getting new drilled and slotted rotors along with some nice pads. The calipers will be plenty strong already because of the new Master cylinder. After all this is done I will look into stroker kits and upgrading the suspension to work on streets a little better. If there are any questions about my Comanche feel free to PM me on CC @1998xjome.

Following are some recent shots of her since he's taken possession. Hopefully he'll be send some new shots as things progress!

Welcome to the club!

#59 becomes a casualty....

Sadly this Street Comanche is now history.

The pictures above showing the truck stripped of it's skirts & trim are the last we'll have of it.

Below is the story as told by the young man from San Diego who last owned it...

1998xjome -- May 19 2016 04:46 PM

I haven't been on here in months, and I am ashamed to say that the Comanche is being towed away, one last time. My parents were fed up with me having more than one Jeep and took it upon themselves to sell it. I did however manage to grab the entire body kit AND plaque before they sold it.

They sold it to someone who has no interest in Jeeps or Archer or Street Comanches.

I Grabbed what was important and am not too upset. The MJ didn't have anything left on it that was Important to the SC, The suspension, grill, and driveline were all changed. All that's left for SC on that truck was the VIN information....I tried my best to salvage what I could and use what power I did have to save what I could....

... The truck didn't have original axle, suspension, transmission, bumpers, rims, or anything left of a SC...

...The MJ had a good run, but with a blown head gasket, not working AC system, in need of a transmission rebuild, and a new bed, cab corner and paint. I hope the best for it. It is a decommissioned Street Comanche, and now just a Comanche.

I didn't get an invite to the decommissioning. I could'a used a trip to San Diego. Goodbye #59...




MJRemi -03.jpg


MJRemi -05.jpg


MJRemi -07.jpg


MJRemi -09.jpg


SPARKS -01.jpg


SPARKS -02.jpg


SPARKS -03.jpg


SPARKS -04.jpg


SPARKS -06.jpg


SPARKS -07.jpg

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