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so what little things have made you smile lately...

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1 hour ago, yxmj said:

Her name is Indiana.....I taught here to wave goodbye (that is why the paw is blurry in the pic....she is waving)

now she sends me off on my day with a wave....Can't help but smile



That’s cool! Boston Terrier?

We have had 10 in the last 25 years.

We have 3 right now, 2 moved out with our daughter so just one in the house now.

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The markings fool a lot of people....Actually an Old English Bulldog (she was only 6 months old here)


This    turns into  this ( Creed id her Grandfather)






Dads Dad.jpg

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It is a "Designer Dog" Real old english dogs are extict......to get this you take


40% English

20% English Mastiff

20% American Bulldog

20 % Pit Bull

And you get the final result

The last pic is her Grand mother......If you want to see a real Old English google it and look at the wiki page.....they looked more like Boxers or American Bulldogs (both cam from the original old english)




Pit Bull.jpg

Old english.jpg

Dads Mom.jpg

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so after days and days of the rains juuuuust missing us, we finally got hit.  and sure enough, little man still hanging out in the feeder right outside the living room window took note and started croaking :D 




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My daughter is full of energy and smiles and I love watching her grow. That keeps a smile on my face each day (sometimes a more tired smile but still a smile).



Also, I dove back into my music and brought out the old pedalboard...and bought a new guitar.



Playing that between meetings while working from home (or absent-mindedly plucking away while listening to the meetings) has helped revitalize me a bit after a few dark weeks.

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Not exactly the same as everyone else, but I finally re-rebuilt the carb on this thing and got it running decently. It was so nice finally being able to drive it without three-pedalling to keep it going at stop signs, roasting the clutch off to get it rolling without stalling, and simply not having it die randomly and having to roll restart while cruising at basically any speed or throttle position. It actually feels like a useful car now.

Don't get me wrong it’s still an unmitigated turd, but it’s at least one that makes me smile instead of just being another nasty headache.

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Garage cat has got her layout going in the garage.  On top of the chest freezer is the kitchen/dining room (I have a dry food feeder and water feeder set up there, plus she gets wet food 2X per day), then she hops over to the hood on the wife's car (the patio) to lounge for a bit.  Later in the evening, she hops over to the hood of the KJ where I have a pillow bed set up for her (the living room) and then eventually into the front seat for bed on another cat bed (bedroom).  Litter box on the floor in the corner, aka the bathroom.  LOL.


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Yeah, tell me about it.  Now that it's warmer, I'm putting her outside when I leave for work in the morning.  Some mornings it's a bit of a struggle......she wants to stay in bed.  When I get back home around 5-ish, she pops out of the bushes (or climbs down from the pear tree) beside the garage door before I even get to the top of the driveway.  Weekends, and/or days I don't go to work, she roams in and out all day, depending on her mood.  She likes chasing birds and attacking sticks/twigs lying in the grass.  And sleeping.

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