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So....once I got the wipers working, there was a noisy thud sound as they went through the range of motion.  Pulled it all out and replaced the 3 plastic linkage bushings that were shot. I also replaced the washer hoses and the plastic tee that was almost cracked in half. While at it, I pulled the cover off the wiper motor and cleaned the brushes up, but currently I have "low speed" and "a hair-faster-than-low speed" wipers, so I guess next on the list is a new wiper motor. To test it I dump in some windshield washer fluid, and it all leaks out onto the floor. Turns out the pump was cracked at the base where it fits into the reservoir, so I replaced that. 

Lots of little things to keep me busy, but at least I have working wipers now. 



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4 hours ago, eaglescout526 said:

Do you have intermittent "deluxe" wipers or just the standard two speeds?

Originally it had intermittent wipers. I put in a standard 2 speed multi function switch and stalk. Removed the intermittent wiper module under the dash.

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New headliner time!  I started with a trip to Hobby Lobby for some tweed/burlap fabric - much thicker than the original material I tore off. Then remove the headliner, carefully tear off what was left of the original gray cloth, and vacuum away the dry-rotted top layer of old foam. Then I centered the new material on it, folded it over, sprayed both sides with 3M headliner adhesive, and smoothed it out with my hand. The trick is to not do too big a section at a time; you can see in 1 of the pictures how I only sprayed about 1/4 at a time, that way you aren't fighting yourself (the 3M stuff is really sticky.) Once the main area was done, I spent several minutes smoothing it out, then flipped it over and did the edges. Don't worry about a few wrinkles along the edges by the doors, the plastic trim covers that. It took 1 full can of adhesive to do this job. The whole process took maybe 20 minutes and was a lot of fun. Really happy how well it turned out and bonus, if you ever had new carpeting installed in your house, that's how Scuzzy smells now. :L:







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The seat belts in this thing were a mess. Badly frayed, rusty hardware, and...really scuzzy. I picked up a new set for a Cherokee assuming they would fit. Problem is the retractor bracket wasn't the correct length, not allowing it to bolt in to the Comanche.

  1. Drill and punch out the 2 rivets to remove the bracket from the original retractor.
  2. Drill a mounting hole on the bracket.
  3. Bolt the mounting bracket through the existing hole on the new retractor. I used a grade 8, 7/16" bolt with red loctite.

This was maybe a 20 minute job. The 2 rivets were pretty soft; from a safety perspective replacing them with a grade 8 bolt shouldn't be a problem. 




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