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I have been viewing this site for many years. Just joined a month ago. (My bad.) Never could find the answer to my problem so I just kept looking and never joined to ask. (Really my bad) My 1986 MJ (everything swapped from a 1987 XJ 20 years ago) I went from a 4 cylinder 4 speed 2 wheel drive power nothing to a 4.0, AW4, 4 wheel drive, bucket seats, center console, power windows power door locks, power brakes. Seemed like the thing to do at the time.

  The XJ was pretty peppy when I got it. Dunked it in a water hole not realizing how deep it was. Well water came over the hood engine stalled. Sitting there looking at the sky I was able to restart and pull out of the hole. I now know why people at the beach went around them. I sputtered home. Pulled distributor cap wiped all the water out. Ran good as new. After a few weeks it started getting hard to start and lacking power. Somedays it would start right up and  power was back. Felt like I was towing a tank on the bad days. Finally everyday was a bad day. Did a full tune-up. Changed CPS. Nothing helped. Decided it was time to get a new Jeep. Found a used 1997 Grand Cherokee.(This was in 2000) Dealer said he would only give me $1000 trade in due to the mileage 160,000 on the XJ. It  was in perfect shape inside and out. The MJ was my go to Lowes truck. Sometimes the MJ would flood out due to a TBI wire shorting out, (I later found out later during disassembly.) So I really did not trust it.

  So now I had a 97 ZJ, 87 XJ, 86 MJ. Really did not need three vehicles. So I decided to strip the XJ and move everything to the MJ. Drilled the spot welds for the radiator support and welded into the MJ. Pushed back firewall upper left side for cylinder head clearance. All this without the help of the internet. Decided to rebuild engine while I had it out.. Remember it still lacked power. Swapped seats, doors, dash, wiring harness'. Checked and made sure all electrical connections were clean and tight. I was getting really excited, this thing is going to fly. 

 Well the day finally came. Fired right up. Went to give it gas and it spit and sputtered backfired out the throttle body. I felt like crying. Started messing with the distributor. Since rotor was not pointing at number one and I could not turn it (hold down fork) Pulled and moved one tooth CCW tried it, moved 2 teeth CW. Fired right up no more spit, sputter and backfiring through TB. I was one happy camper.

  Jumped in thinking I was going to spin a tire and well it ran good just no power. Started throwing parts at it. New TPS, AIC, MAP, coil, injectors, temp, distributor, knock, FPR, cat, muffler, fuel pump. I actually had a printout of all engine sensors. Started highlighting each one as I replaced them. (All of them) Still no power.

  Well 20 years ago the internet was not like it is today. But I would still search for answers. Finally came across Cruiser54s list years ago. Started going through the list. Only doing what I though would make a difference. Cutting tabs and indexing distributor, refreshing grounds, C101 removal etc. It seemed like every little bit helped. But it just wasn't right. So I barely drove the MJ. It just sat there most of the time. Unless I needed to haul something or a trip to Home Depot, Lowes. Which wasn't very often. My job kept me on the road most of the time. (Most of my life.) 

 Well Covid came along. Work came to a crawl. I went out back and was ready to cry. My baby was looking pretty bad. Years of pollen caked on. Dirt, mildew, the tires I had put on 3 or 5  years ago still look brand new.

 Well I said I have had enough. I was going to fix it no matter what. So I started reading this forum all over again. I mean hours and hours every night. (Having a problem sleeping).

Decided I was going to start fresh doing Cruiser54's list. And I mean starting with number 1. When I got to number 8 TPS testing and adjusting. I about $#!&. Hooked meter from TPS ground wire and negative post on battery. I got1.2 ohm. Wiggled wiring harness and the meter went all over the place. Had to do it three or four times. Jumped to tip 6. All looked good. Used meter and checked both sides of crimp and I was amazed. I then cut the wires, soldered, heat shrunk. Adjusted the TPS perfectly. Took it for a test drive. Unbelievable. This engine has not ran this good in 20 years.

 I am now going to bring it back and make it my daily driver. It is too late to put back stock, so I am going to dress her up and make her like new.

  Sorry so long. Doubt anyone is going to read all this. I am just so happy right now. And if Cruiser54 happens to see this, I owe you big time. Thanks you so much.

Jim Burriss.




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Hah, I think we all owe cruiser54 enough to last him a lifetime of beers for how much his tips have helped all of us.

Glad you held onto it!

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Good looking truck. Welcome to the club! I would say addiction also but it seems you already have that covered. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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