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OMG The Crewcab 6x6 Comanche

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Alright fellas,

Here we are at the end of this project for me. I'm sry - surprise i guess??

Through some critical decision making and arguably some maturing on my behalf i have decided to cut some of the BS and focus on the things that matter to me - more. As it stands i currently have(had) 6 jeeps and then my silverado at my house. 3 of those jeeps mean absolutely everything to me while the other 3 - not soo much. While I'm not blind to my inability to pass up a cheap jeep or my temptation to take on other projects, I realistically getting no where on those 3 jeeps that mean everything to me. So to fix this i'm selling (sold) those 3 other jeeps.

The 6x6 project is no more for me but the new owner is seeming excited to start working on what will be his crewcab MJ. I nabbed a couple pics to close this out.






Pete you aren't kidding this project is a Huge undertaking! Far more than what i'd like to dedicate to atm. 


So its onto the next one!

Thanks for all the comments, questions and conversation

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It didn't seem like he was and i honestly wasn't gonna preach it up to him yet. Gonna keep in touch with though on progress and if he starts getting somewhere and enthused, i'll start leaning into him for joining. It really is an immense undertaking - so much friggin welding! I was literally and figuratively burned out *mua hahaha.

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I liked to think of it as improving the number of vehicles on my property that run. I sold 2 non running jeep comanche's, and then sold my 89 wagoneer. So now instead of having 6 jeeps that only half run - now i have 3 jeeps and 2 of them run - thats a 16% increase!


i did however buy a cop car



just slightly overtop the roof you can see 2/3 of the focus jeeps. The 87 Comanche truggy and my 73 J2000 ls swap and 1-ton axles. 

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