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man...this would sure ruin your day...

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Heat buckling that bad usually happens because of shortcuts taken or mistakes made during construction.  It's a known phenomenon and dealing with it is pretty straightforward.  You have to put enough room for expansion in the road bed.  If you don't, you get buckling like that.

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2 hours ago, gogmorgo said:

Would dust, sand, etc., getting into expansion joints contribute?


Yes. Anything in the expansion joint can contribute. I used to be part of a highway maintenance crew and we'd see these come up every so often. Rigid (Concrete) pavements are the only ones that have the issue. Just like all materials, concrete expands and contracts in the heat. 


A prior repair adjacent to this section of pavement, the sun hitting it at just the right angle, ambient temps not cooling down enough during the prior evening, anything really that changes around it from year to year can contribute to the buckle.


I used to know where a smaller one was on my daily commute during those years working on the roads 15 years ago and I would hit it at speed on my way home each night. :D 

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I actually work for a highway maintenance dept, which is why I’m curious. We don’t have any concrete highways out here, though. I have this feeling they wouldn’t hold up too well to the freeze-thaw cycles and road salt. 

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