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* exhausted :)


My latest modification was to replace the whole exhaust system.  I had replaced the header earlier but needed to finish the rest.  I ordered all the parts and of course forgot to check the length of the tailpipe so I ended up with a 7ft pipe and I have a SWB.  After I got that returned it was super easy to swap these out.  Using the parts below, there was no welding required and everything matted perfect.


Note: Some folks were asking if I put the catalytic converter back or made it a through pipe.  I put it back like the original.  I may suffer some performance but hopefully save some of the environment when driving around.



SWB - Walker Exhaust 46701 Tail Pipe - 6ft

LWB - Walker Exhaust 46705 Tail Pipe - 7ft

Exhaust Pipe-Front Pipe Walker 44320

Dynomax 17731 Super Turbo Muffler

Catalytic Converter Generic 7021-BG









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I’m just going to leave this here. 



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