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I installed the kit from Thor and had to buy the throttle body adapter as posted above and a reducing elbow that I found at Pep Boys, but it looks like Trailhead off road offers one, I got rid off the whole vacuum harness and ran small lines from the intake to the egr solenoid and then from there to the egr. I also installed a fitting in the long tube to run the gas tank vapor hose from the charcoal canister to. 

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2 hours ago, 75sv1 said:

I've been looking at adapting the 'Power Tech' WJTB hat or Resonator to an XJ. Not sure if to the airfilter box or a K&N type filter. The Power Tech has an oval opening. Seeing how that will adapt somehow. I do have the Thor, but not installed. 

I've looked at adapting that same part to a 4.0 installed in a CJ.  Same thing, the oval opening is the sticking point.


9 hours ago, Dzimm said:

It does have two lines coming from the valve cover however only the front one goes to the intake tube, the rear one goes to a fitting on the intake manifold so it isn't affected by removing the airbox.  

Ah, I see where you're coming from.

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What I am looking at is either cut and adapt the oval on the WJ filter box to the XJ filter box. Make a round spacer/adapter so the other oval end fits to the XJ airbox. Another is to adapt to a K&N type filter 'box'. I have something like that from my Ford Contour SVT and I see them on Trucks. Then 'vent' the air in opening to an outside source. 

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