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I realize it seems overkill. I plan on mounting my high-lift, chainsaw, axe, and a shovel to it. So I figured it needs to be sturdy.

I had a couple 50 inch light bars already. I had ordered cab mounts but was sent ones for a curved light. So then I ordered a curved light and was sent another straight one.

Got tired of getting wrong stuff so made due with what was on hand. Ha.


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I gave it a quick Rustoleum spray bomb. Did it at night with just a beer box for masking. I think it helped even for a quick makeover. Eventually it will get grey raptorliner. Cut 4 loads of wood in 4 days. Guess it doesn't matter how it looks if it works. 

I did manage to break a motor mount skidding logs. Now I'm waiting on ups for some cheap replacements for now. I plan on buying some bombproof ones when I swap the motor. That will be spring hopefully. Old mounts lasted over 30 years. If I can get the winter out of some cheap ones I will be happy.


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