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2 hours ago, Ωhm said:

Could be the Air Hose between the Air Box and Throttle Body collapsing. Try running the engine with Air Hose disconnected.


3 hours ago, jdog said:

starters bad, it has a dead spot, when testing it it will show good because its not on the bad spot,  it will only get worse.

Thank you guys! 

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Swapped out the old fender liners for new ones. Spent most of the time fighting the non OEM plastic to line up with most 6/8 push pin holes. The two top ones would not fit, but Ill take a heat gun and work them along the wheel well. Drill a new hole into the liner. Broke one of the mounting nuts clean off not paying attention. Guess that’s what I get for rushing through. I knew it was going to happen, could feel the socket heating up from the metal twisting. :doh: overall I’m happy with the fit of these, found a random cap that fell into the door space. Couldn’t find what it covered. 








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wow, those old ones were toast :( 

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