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Bringing 87 Comanche back from the grave

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Quick update on the build.  Took it out for a drive last week to get a chip repaired in the windshield and the engine died and I had to tow it home.


After some investigation the Fuel pump went out.    Bought a Delphi HP10148 Fuel Pump assembly  that I found a $20 deal on and spent hours retrofitting the pump to fit the pump to the Comanche hanger and fuel sender.


Meanwhile I couldn't leave things alone and started pulling my rear bumper to get it painted and to add some license plate lighting since it had none and I decided to bite the bullet and purchased a used AX-15 to replace the BA-10.


The Ax-15 is out of a wrangler so it seems like it is clocked a little higher and I had to change the input shaft on the transfer case from 21 to 23 spline. Thankfully a friend had the part I needed to make that change.   About halfway through getting the transfer case back together.   Thankfully the bearing, clutch and other parts all seem like they will work with the current setup.  Guess we will find out when we put it all back together. 


Funny part to the story, the guy I bought the AX-15 from threw in a 4x4 Comanche rear drive shaft.  It is nearly identical to the one I just had made.  Wish I had that 2 weeks ago to save me a little $$$.




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