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Wallace Krempa

A Big Thank You

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I just want to start out by saying that I never thought that this day would ever come. So without further postponement...

Three day ago on the way home from work i lost control of my MJ, I have before and thought it was like any other time. Until the ground was perpendicular to the hood of my jeep, and there was a ringing in my ear. I crawled out of the jeep almost completely unscathed. Just a sore shoulder and headache. My Jeep... I can't say the same. The tow truck came and flipped her back up onto her tires, and some how she started. I limped her the remaining mile home and parked her.

Today (12/2/2019) was the first day since that i have gone down to her. I had a friend come over who is in collision repair come over to take a look. He said what i thought was the worst news. He said that by the way the cab folded over when i landed, with the money i have(not much at all) he would not be able to fix it. He said that it would be best to let her go. 


I bought my jeep in 2015 as my first car. I did the motor swap myself, the lift myself. Now that i can actually sit down and think about it. i have done everything on my truck that needed fixing. you could say that she is my child. Many a many times i would come onto this website and see what others were doing, and think that is a great idea, i should probably do the same. Or even gone on to ask for advise on how to fix or repair something. It is at this part that i give my ever living thanks and gratitude to everyone on this site. Because of all of you, you have helped me relize that driving a Jeep Comanche isn't just driving another car or truck. Its a life style. Its a way of living that should never go away. Even though as most of our trucks go on 30 to 30+ years old, that still run strong, and if they don't... We make sure that they can for another 30+ years.  


My jeep is up for sale on this site (link below)and I am located in Easter PA. 



I leave you all with much thanks, and i will be for ever in your debt. AND i picture of my Jeep the day i drove her home from the mechanics after getting her to pass inspection.



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I'd agree with Pete, use a floor jack and a 2x4 inside the cab to push it back out.  I did that with my rolled Suzuki sidekick and it worked very well.  You'd be surprised how much you can do yourself, no it won't be like it was before, but it will be perfectly useable.  It's really not that bad for the way you flopped, it must have been relatively soft.  If I was close, I'd come over and help you push it back out.  As for the bedside, your taillight looks to be okay so bang out what you can for now.  If you eventually want to fix it, find a cab to cut that section from and a new bedside at a later date.  


In reality with a little elbow grease you can have it useable again for the cost of a driver's side window and mirror. 


I'd recommend putting a real rollbar in it at some point though as it is going to be weaker than before, at least until you can get a cab to replace that section.

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I agree with Pete too. If you love it then don’t let it go. I had a HUGE dent in my bed side panel, and a 2x4 and hammer really work wonders. Trust me, if you put in the effort yourself, you can make it much more manageable.

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