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Finally bought an MJ. Build thread.

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On 1/15/2021 at 10:30 AM, WahooSteeler said:

Ummm.........I know this is a Jeep site, and I love my MJ to death, but my first love of 4x4 pickups is late @68-72 model year Chevy's. PLEASE post some pics of that stepside I see! :crazy::drool::drool::drool:

I will 

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I’ve noticed that driver side long bed pics of the M-MAX don’t really exist. In talking with the fine chaps at Notch, they say modding is necessary to the driver side rear flare to accommodate the fue

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On 1/16/2021 at 1:18 AM, Mossmj13 said:

What the heck Jak you still got that busted back window in there for looking good tho nice looking truck:popcorn: can’t wait to c how it turns out 

It’s safe at least.

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So to keep my sanity on this build, I purchased another running.....as in it runs down the road right now 1990 Jeep Comanche and I’m going to put this one on a path to build with my grandson. I have learned a lot. I found a source for a wiring harness for if and when I want to do an LS build. Anyway this 1990 has 133327 actual miles on it. The fella I bought it from inherited it from his dad who bought it brand new. It still has owners manual and some other cool things. It’s a RWD truck that he started converting to 4WD. He has the bezel and 4WD lever it’s just lacking a transfer case.  I think I might know where I can get one;)


Not sure why this truck with no rust, extremely straight body for its age, original factory bed liner, got cut on at all but the damage is done.  I’ll just make it gooder. I’ll post up some moar pics later. 

Got a ill timed blow out on my way back. Luckily I was 6 miles from Mountain Home AR Walmart. Who else is going to be open on Saturday at 5pm. They got me right in and I was on my way within 20 mins. I’m not the biggest fan of WM but dang, they saved my bacon. 








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Added moar pics
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11 minutes ago, SiXJaK said:

As a side note, the gentleman I bought this 1990 off of is a Jeep guy. This nugget is sitting in his shop. It is absolutely stunning in person. 




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22 minutes ago, SiXJaK said:

Glovebox treasures



:drool: I got an owners manual with my 90 as well. That old stuff is cool, especially the Chrysler/Jeep/Eagle road atlas.

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So I borrowed this from the other truck....I’ll see if I can get the winch (Smittybuilt 9k lb with synthetic rope) sorted on Wednesday. Relocated front bumper mounted vacuum ball passenger side next to cowl.






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On 1/17/2021 at 8:59 AM, 89eliminator said:

i legit was going to buy that MJ until i found one closer haha.  seemed like a nice rig.  

Ha. What did you end up with, friend?

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40 minutes ago, 89eliminator said:

found a rust free long bed in MI.  (i live in IN).  If that one you got didnt have the fender flares, i would've bought it immediately.  

Rust free in the rust belt? That’s amazing. Sounds like you got a nice one. Congratulations!

Yeah the bushwhacked fender flares on such a pure,  straight body are a head scratcher for sure. 
Oddly enough though, I can transfer just about everything I’ve done to the other build over to this rig. They both enjoy the same amount of lift so in that aspect, it’s perfect. 

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Welp got it mounted. Didn’t follow the directions diligently and paid a price (took twice as long) got it wired up but need to find the proper connection to hook up the blue wire that powers the DRL like lite on the winch. It’s hooked to positive battery terminal now so it’s on and stays on with key out of the ignition. Need to find it anyway because of the 4x4FLSTC LED headlights I’ve ordered. Was going to do heated JW’s because I had them on my JK and they are top notch but I’m not too high on paying 7 bills for headlights atm. I’d like to put some money into Baja Design auxiliary lighting instead. If I luck out with these 84.95 lights, great!  If they suck, then I’ll make some adjustments and get the JW’s

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So on Friday was able to finish installing my Smittybuilt 9500 lb winch and give her new eyes. Haven’t done any adjustments yet. So far however, haven’t had any oncoming traffic flashing me because they think my high beams are on. Overall these 4x4FLSTC LED headlights light up the road well. They’re cheap at 85.00. The high beams are good as well. Do they compare to JW Speaker headlights? No. The warmth and color around the edges on these are very dirty whereas the JW’s are very clean and precise. Wanting to spend money on quality auxiliary lights right now. 









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Transferred over front fox 2.0 and steering dampener. The Comanche rode pretty well in the first place. Steering wasn’t super accurate (35”’s tend to put some wander into the equation). The ride feels more controlled there is more detail in the steering feel and the truck tracks better. I’ll post up pics later.

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As promised fox shocks pics. Also while doing that job, the air box and coolant reservoir bottle had to be removed discovered that filter really needs to be replaced. So replaced that. Did a little house cleaning in this section of the engine bay. I took before after shots. It’s not much buts it’s honest work.







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