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2.5 aluminum valve cover $120 shipped in MO SOLD

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2.5 aluminum valve cover off a YJ.  If the price seems high, just know this thing was filthy when I got it.  It had a lot of sludge and carbon deposits.  The PVC orifice was completely clogged shut.  I've got 6 hours of cleaning on this easily.  I had to change out the degreaser in my solvent tank haha.  More pictures available, if interested.



1.  Valve cover, cleaned.  Finish is chipped/flaking/scratched in places.  Original cable holder is still in place.  Part number 53020536.

2.  Original oil filler cap.

3.  Original mounting bolts.  Degreased, chemically stripped of rust.

4.  Original brass PCV fitting, degreased, polished.

5.  Original PCV clean air intake plastic elbow, cleaned, and new rubber grommet.

6.  Original bolt on PCV towers that screw to inside of valve cover, with bolts and steel baffles.  Degreased and cleaned.  Originally had 2 gaskets per tower (valve cover, gasket, baffle, gasket, tower).  I don't know if the gaskets are available.  I would go without or use some sort of sealer.


The inside is cleaned to the point I would put it on a new engine in my Jeep.  The outside is up to the buyer (as is, re-powdercoat, strip and polish, etc).










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