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New Novak LS engine mounts almost in a couple more holes to drill.



The old 2.5L mounts, no that is not me. :)



Old tired four banger getting ready to be pulled. No more sewing machine under the hood, it served me well.



Sitting in the driveway after the Axle swap from a Cherokee and Newish wheels.



Refreshing the interior a bit.



Before the project started:




When I bought it 30 year ago, yes I'm the original owner.



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Yes, most of the holes are already there. I believe you need to drill two additional holes on both sides. Planning to transplant a 4.8L/4L60E from a 2002 Yukon.
Hmm, didnt know that. Guess I'll find out when I start on the build. I've got a 99 6.0L/2wd 4l80e to put in an eliminator that I'm gonna lower a little bit. Make it into sort of a drag truck

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Some more progress today. My son and his friend are moving right along. Some close up pics. They struggled with the novak transmission mount for the 4l60e a little. Might have to be modified at a later date, but should be good enough until I break it. LOL

Also found out the f-body water pump still will need spacers to line up. I'll post links to everything I bought for this build at the end. 








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F-body pump fits narrow and mid spacing...2010 camaro pump fits truck spacing but puts one of the connections for the hose potentially on the wrong side (depending on your radiator).


The build looks great!  I'm excited to see this continue to progress! :)

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Not much has been done. I managed to delete the VATS out of the PCM last night with little trouble. Water pump is mounted. The alternator is a little high and some hood support trimming might be needed to keep it from rattling. Might have choosen a different relocation set if I had known. But looks good. 


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So I've been playing around with a few ideas. Haven't started wiring yet. Bought a newer gauge cluster off of Ebay(91-96). Going to add jeep temp and pressure senders to the block. I've done some various reading and found out the tach is adjustable. Since I spent all that money on a HP Tuner, going to attempt to drive the tach and speedo with the chevy PCM, making whatever adjustments I need in the PCM. Has anybody tried this?



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