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Reproduction Comanche Emblems

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It’s finally time I offer up reproduction Comanche emblems to the club after a couple months of work getting them right. Other reproduction projects are in the works but I won’t spoil the surprise just yet... That being said, all money I make with these will be going into the next project. 


I can meet locally (Charlotte NC area) or ship them out (USPS priority mail padded envelope is $8 anywhere in the US) I have priced them based on difficulty to make and cost of materials. They do take a while to make as I have to make them by hand, so it might be a few days before I can ship them out if I don’t have what you want on hand. 


The emblems are made of quality solid plastic, they are not painted - they are all colored plastic. These are the colors I have available at the moment for custom ones:

Black, Yellow, Brown, Purple, Green, Red, Blue, White, Glow in the Dark


Also, you can choose between the old style all caps emblems or the newer lowercase.


The emblems in the pictures are just examples of what I can make, I can do any color combination that you'd like. As requested by some members, I will also be offering the other emblems (4x4, 4.0, 2.5, metric ton etc.) soon. I will update the post when they are available. I am also working on factory style chrome letters with black background so keep posted for those as well.


Prices are as follows:


Single Solid Color: 

      $18 each or $30 for a set. 


White letters any color back:

     $20 each or $35 for a set. 


Solid Glow in the Dark: 

      $25 each or $45 for a set. 


Any color letters and any color back:

     $28 each or $50 for a set. 


Glow in the dark letters with any color back:

     $30 each or $55 for a set. 


Examples of different color backgrounds with white letters:



Example of glow in the dark letters with black background:



Example of solid black:






Full glow in the dark:



Full glow in the dark glowing:



Glow in the dark letters glowing:




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Anxiously awaiting mine. Apparently my mail man got lazy. I didn't see this pic in the original post. Now I'm even more excited. Again, nice work!IMG_36720.jpg.613cf1cf3e4ef02ef8e15ac1fe79a3a2.jpg.202584d0ee2aca9d02696bcbc7038575.jpg

I didn't see the the all caps 86 type in colors too.

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