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What are you listening to?

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1 hour ago, eaglescout526 said:

I’ve been hooked on these two lately. 


A ‘57 classic


And a BBC version of a song from a famous ‘64 album



I should post more songs from my record collection that I enjoy. 

Yes you should

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RIP Pieree. Not sure if anyone has ever heard of Naked Raygun but major influence on a lot of bands and huge part of the chicago punk scene.  Pierre was the bassist for naked raygun and pegboy. Self taught and just all around great bassist. 





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On 8/6/2020 at 7:26 AM, tugboat95 said:

I used to like a lot of country but as I get older I don't like the newer stuff. I find myself listening to Amazon 90s country and 80s hits. It goes full circle. I've turned into my Dad listening to 60s music on the oldies channel while I was growing up.

89 Comanche
5 speed PukeGoat
Factory Original



Haven't we all? Although, I am warming up to some of the Country and Folk artists Mom would listen to at full-volume on her stereo record player (a Sears Silvertone, if you want a visual). Annie's Song and another song I don't know the name to, by John Denver, are a couple examples.

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I'm listening to the flame flicking as it depletes the last of the kerosene. I'm going to freeze now unless i move to the shop and enjoy the sound of the turbo heater and enjoy the smells of burning diesel. eh yes, winter is near. collect your wood and steer clear of mr. frost. as long as the wood burns, no winter you can't endure. 


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