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Eastern Tennessee

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If there's anyone on here from Eastern Tennessee, please contact me by PM.


Thank you.

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On 6/21/2019 at 1:40 PM, Jeep Driver said:

The view from my office window. :P


Eat your heart out, Eagle. :smile:




It was nice to drive through this area in 2016 as part of a 9700 mile road trip from San Diego to Vancouver island, then to Michigan, Nova Scotia, south to CharlotteSC East to the Corvette museum in Bowling Green. From there it was San Antonio, back to San Diego and the Pacific ocean.


As Dorthey said in the Wizard of Oz, "there is no place like home".  For me, that's San Diego and having a meal any time at La Jolla cove or on the big bay next to the USS Midway. A long walk past Scripps Pier on the beach is great for the soul any time.  The mountains are only a short drive away,  6500+ feet tall at some points you can look down on the desert to the East.


As you can see, I am very pleased to have lived in Southern California for all but 4  of my 71 years.


"There is no place like home"

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