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Red Mistress

91 Eliminator 83K miles refresh with NOS parts

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I had no idea that existed. That’s freakin awesome!!!!

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Not sure anyone is interested in Warn Transformer’s but there is a early and late version for XJ.


Just received the early style Warn Grill guard, winch carrier was not included in purchase.

Think I am also missing mounting brackets.


Later style Warn Transformer Grill guard is wider therefore so is winch carrier.


Later style winch carrier is still available as it fits other vehicles.








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Daughter and I been doing some work on Comanche.


Installed drivers window regulator and door check strap and door pins.  And speakers.

still haven’t found a Plastic water dam, I understand that the later models are reusable for few times.


Passenger mirror didn’t remote adjust so put a NOS that was scratched up.


Rockford speakers with Co-aux tweeter that doesn’t protrude into door card grill.


Pulled seats for steam cleaning and carpet.

OEM carpet In decent shape and getting dyed grey.

Passenger side had water leak from rear area.

Paint was missing in few spots but Thankfully no deep rust :)

Drivers side about as mint as could be expected.

Definitely got to the pan just in nick of time.


Wire wheeled everything that looked like paint bubble.  Then rinsed truck out with super strong “solves it” cleaner.  Treated with POR15 acid metal ready to promote adhesion of their POR 15 paint.

Fan drying in shop awaiting paint.








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there's a good chance that the rust is under the frame cap. :( 

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