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So to start I picked up a super cheap mj after moving to north carolina, just needed a truck for picking up stone, wood, tools and such for around the house. Being a jeeper I couldn't keep the thing s

Some more pics of the rear mounting. Those are 1&1/8 nuts welded to the frame with supports. Just locate axle and make mounts. Pretty simple stuff and I can change the ride height or geometry with

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Thanks for the kind words guys. Did some more work this weekend, although I avoided the giant firewall hole I need to fix. Added some more supports to the chassis, added some gussets. Cut out the rear most fender support cross bar. Made it hard to get in and out of the rear. Will add something else in later. 20200919_185055.jpg.46dd0f0e86594d2d0659a9e4e687492c.jpg20200919_185051.jpg.f1dbe8937887906c5e495cf9142a5547.jpg20200919_185105.jpg.011a95a021eb0039b18c07ea687b486b.jpg

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22 hours ago, Limeyjeeper said:

Mad fab skills, so jealous lol

Thanks, helps that I used to do it for work haha

6 hours ago, A-man930 said:

Following this build is making it hard for me to not cage up mine while it's stripped down.


Thanks a lot!  :brickwall:

If I did it again. I'd strip the interior and do a D-formula style cage as close to the body panels as possible.

5 minutes ago, kansashogan said:

That’s insane. You HAVE to post a video when you fire it up.

There will be plenty

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The last week has been busy!!! 
•I moved the engine up 1.5" to clear for better steering geometry as I didnt want to spend the money on a custom made rack.. Sadly this means I can't run the tbss intake but luckily I had a complete ls6 "laying around". 
•Added gussets to the engine mounts and got the steering linkage routed.

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2 hours ago, 89 MJ said:

Fair enough. It should be scary fast. My dad has a 95 YJ on 35s with 4.10s and that thing is scary fast. I'll be your MJ will be crazier.

In definitely hoping she boogies, might end up replacing the rear end gears as it has 3.31s now

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