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Quartz Clock Installation & Ash Tray Light Help

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5 hours ago, NEO auto said:

Anyone know if the ‘87 has the plug?

Yes, as I said earlier. The clock moved to the radio for the '92 model year. Up to '91 and maybe some early 92s will have the plug, although it is different year to year. The 91 for instance has a unique clock with a different connector. Your clock will plug right in.

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3 minutes ago, EdJarHead said:

Mine doesn't keep time... anyone know if this might be a wiring issue or just a defective clock?

Check for a constant 12V input on one of the wires on its connector. If that's there, then the problem is most likely internal to the clock. 


Does it completely forget the time or does it run slow or fast?

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My clock used to work sometimes.  Sometimes I could see the display, other times it was dark.  When is was displayed, it kept accurate time.  That told me the clock work, but the light display was not working.


I did Cruiser's dash panel ground upgrade.  Now the clock displays all the time.

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On 3/22/2019 at 2:58 PM, Fernando87mj said:

Yes. It’s plug and play :wink:

I installed the clock today.  So far it works great.

I had to remove the instrument cluster to find the harness. 


I also found the harness where the ash tray light plugs in, but the bulb is burnt out.

I would like to replace it with an LED equivalent bulb.  Anybody know what type of bulb I need?


Also, I have these extra wires and lights from my trip to the junkyard.  Can’t remember what they go to.  Anyone know what they’re for?




Extra wires, not sure what they go to.



Interior or is finally put back together after figuring out my water leaks.


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