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A couple of summers ago my father, brother and I tore apart my dad's 95 YJ Wrangler that had a 4 cyl and a 5 speed.

Here is what it looked like once the rust got cut out and test fitting the engine:



Here it is with the frame, body, and firewall painted. The interior got a spray-in raptor bedliner. It was on 235s.IMG_7214.JPG.291ad81d0e324457fe14230ba2efd1ae.JPG


Then we put the front fenders, grille, and rock-sliders on. 



It has the original steel body and the frame has been patched.

Then we put the windshield and flares on.



This is it all together with the 235s on it. We ended up needing to build a traction bar and putting in a slip yoke eliminator because, with the stock springs, the axle-wrap was terrible, so it broke 2 driveshafts and 2 stransfercases. In the garage is our 1959 Chevy wagon-nothing special, 350 and a 700r4.



Then the 35s went on. You can see the tote lid under it catching fluid from the broken T-case.



We then took it out and flexed it on our culvert some:



(It whips good pavement donuts, don't ask)

Here is a pic of the first ride it went on. It is the Jeep in the front. The other YJ is actually a CJ-5 with a custom front end.



Last summer my dad worked on a YJ with a 4.2 and a 5-speed and 27,000 original miles.



Here are some more recent shots of it in action.


This bottom one is of the first time we had it on the road this year.


Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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17 minutes ago, Pete M said:

I love the ol' square-lighters :D  you guys did a great job on that one :L:  

Well thank you! It was surprising that the big tires made it ride better. 

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12 minutes ago, Pete M said:

Jeeps are tools. :D  been that way since day one. 

Yessir! I’ll be this is exactly what the designers and government though they would be used for 80 years later. :roflmao:

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