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89 Sportruck Work Truck/Show Truck

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On 7/18/2021 at 6:49 PM, 89 MJ said:

And it would hide my non cracked dash. I’m proud of that thing :roflmao:

I do need to do something to protect it though. 

These things you put in the window I swear by, just like deer whistles. It keeps the cab atleast 20* degrees cooler all the while protecting your dash from those UV RAYS man! :teehee:


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Special delivery!




Side note, this appears to be a very well made product. Excellent looking welds and the lifetime warranty will be nice. It dropped right in, as it should, and seemed much lighter than my OEM one. A new fan clutch, heater hoses, and coolant recovery bottle for a 2.5 are on the way!


I strongly considered the Cold Case product, but this one had more reviews and they were more helpful, so I decided to go this route. 

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Just now, MiNi Beast said:

Should of went that route 2 radiators ago. :laugh:

This was the trucks original radiator, which was my biggest issue. But I never want to deal with this again, so this is what we wound up with.


Maybe you need one in yours. :brows:

That said, yours did make it to PA…

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I have a aluminum radiator in mine. Only got hot in the tunnel on way back. I need new head or rebuild engine for that matter. My issues have mostly been due to the motor mounts shifting  and putting clutch fan into radiator. No longer an issue 😌

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3 minutes ago, PocketsEmptied said:

Which model did you end up going with? I was looking at the MMRAD-XJ-89 but thinking the one may be overkill for my application.

That is the one I got. I’m sure it is complete overkill, but I’d rather put a radiator in it once. 

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13 minutes ago, 89 MJ said:

I’d rather put a radiator in it once. 


Completely with you on that! My 2012 GC is on it's 3rd radiator and 3rd water pump. I went with lesser products for the 1st replacement and paid the price, both literally and figuratively.

I'll keep following to see how it goes!

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New radiator in and we are ready for the road. We let the truck idle for probably 15 minutes and turned on the AC for a few of those minutes, it never crossed 210. I also got my collector plate. In WI, the collector plate numbers are way over 200,000 at this point, but I got number 45242 from my grandma. 

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Took the truck for a 30 minute town, country, and interstate drive today. It stayed pretty happy and ran at about 195 (I’d estimate from looking at the temp gauge) tue whole time with the AC on max. Outside temp was around 90 and super humid. 

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