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New Custom interior

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 Got tired of Dailing  my loud, stinky, and uncomfortable rig every day. So I took so time and money to  spruce it up a bit.


-Welded custom floor mounts for my new early 2000s 3 series BMW seats that I got cheep from a junk yard.


-Cleaned up all the  surface rust on the floorboards and painted.


- lay down some knock off Dinamat (everywhere) floor, doors, roof, 


-All New speakers


-Installed new JC Whitney vinyl floor


-Also did headliner but no before pics


It so much nicer! No Cadillac but wife will  actually ride in it now. 









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Also installed Grand Cherokee front door seals while I had the trim out, much thicker and adds some extra sound deadening for road noise.


Still planing on doing some sort of center console with cup holders, switch panel, and extra gauges. But that can wait, I’m happy with what I got so far.




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8 hours ago, SatiricalHen said:

What grand Cherokee did you get door seals off of? My doors don’t seem to seal that well.

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2 hours ago, Tamadrummer said:

Those seats look great!! X2 on what year grand Cherokee you got door seals from. 

 The seals came out of a ZJ (93-98) I had to trim them a bit but fit fine otherwise.

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3 hours ago, lcoutback said:

Nice work DewManche! :banana: Did you use the brackets from your bench seat or fab completely new mounts?  

Hey Bob!! I fabbed up some new ones, the bench mounts where way to tall and wouldn’t allow the seats to adjust up and down.

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5 hours ago, Cwhite87 said:

Seats look really good man are they full manual or partly electric?  Did you just use 2 inch flat stock for mock up your mounts?

 The inside turned out nice..great job


Yeah fully manual no electronics. And for the mounts i used 1inch square stock for most of the mounts but the front right corner of driver and left front corner of passenger mounts are angle stock welded up to the trans tunnel.

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