It's that time of year again, only we're getting on the ball earlier this time around.  I know @MeanLemons is excited, because he posted a new thread in the Northeast forum in December about it.  This year is going to be awesome.  Here's the lowdown:   The All-Breeds Jeep Show is in York, PA again this year from July 20-21, 2019.  This is the biggest show on the east coast each year, and there will be tons of Jeeps, vendors, food and fun.  Check out the website for the club that runs the show for more information and to register:   Last year we, as a club, made an effort to get a bunch of trucks in the show as well as to get together and meet each other face to face.  We had a whole bunch of members on hand, including @krustyballer16, @87MJTIM, @TheDude, @Bonkers, @Alexia, @MeanLemons, Dom and others.  It was also terrible weather all weekend, so we're hoping for better this time around.   @krustyballer16 will be staying at my place over the weekend, which is about 10 minutes from the fairgrounds where the show is being held.  On Saturday evening, after the show closes down, we'll be having a cookout at my place, and everyone is invited.  If you come, bring your favorite drink and maybe a snack food or dessert.  I'll supply burgers, dogs, etc.  Anyone wanting to camp at my place on Friday or Saturday night is welcome, and I've got enough yard where we can park a bunch of trucks.  PM me or  @krustyballer16 to get my address.   The show is awesome.  You can check out pics from last year here:     Several members are anticipating getting swap meet booths.  We'd like to get as many MJs in the show as possible, obviously.  Looks don't count - bring your beater.  I do.  Last year we treated the show and getting together as a way get transport big parts all over and trade all kinds of stuff.  This is a great opportunity, with five months lead time, to work out who will be there and what large parts they might be able to get you.  Please reply to let us know you're coming!