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1992 Base long bed 2WD

4.0 H.O. engine

Build date 9/91

Dana 35 C rear end

Jasper, TX

Not a daily driver but use it as a spare if my Newer truck has to go in the shop. Drives great and good gas mileage.

Needs some work.

I am working on a plan to do a 4WD conversion, but going to take my time and study.





Location Jasper, TX2001986389_thumbnail13.jpg.0ec1cfe73d205cc0fa234eb78049e332.jpg1653593754_thumbnail11.jpg.0b7291085e428e78b877d95d0caa5e8d.jpg2144658595_thumbnail(1).jpg.727ba83377b31ffbafd83d03ecb38be9.jpg105423618_thumbnail(2).jpg.5f7068058a0a142645fad2275f9e0925.jpg1433426662_thumbnail10.jpg.cc54e132cbcd03ad74692414de55922e.jpgthumbnail.jpg.0787dcafbfd9aa24fa34e1ff8999566e.jpg2076247468_thumbnail(4).jpg.636916e656abd5b35fb7082dbf78d9a3.jpg517505297_thumbnail(3).jpg.3e876f964ab06ccb80d1e7038f3de5c5.jpg

thumbnail 8.jpg

thumbnail 6.jpg

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welcome to the club!  :L:   you should start a build thread on it! (more or less just copy what you have here)

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