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Production year (first registration) 1988 4.0 automat 4x4
Now there will be a strange story :)
I come from Poland, I live in England, I bought Comancha in Austria. 
Comanche came to Austria from Germany :) I brought him to England.
I bought without a motor, gearbox and incomplete installation.
Now it is being renewed. Comanche in England is non-existent, lack of any parts. 
I bought the jeep xj 1993 for renewal. A lot of problems because in England there are only RHD jeep. 
What will I do wonder: Changing the installation from renix to mopar 
(the installation in England is the reverse because here I drive on the other side :) 
This is a big problem but I can do it. engine and everything will be with a mopar. 
The lift will be 4.5 "and wheels 33". 
I need to repair the floor and the entire vehicle to paint (the last owner did it very ugly)
Interior in burgundy color, one sofa. I need some small parts and maybe someone will help me in this forum :) 
The pictures show the Comanche as I bought it.











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49 minutes ago, Pete M said:

welcome to the club!  :L:  


be sure to star ta build thread https://comancheclub.com/forum/8-member-projects-your-comanches/ 


I will try to create a good theme for renewal. I already have many photos. (now is the reconstruction)

First, however, I look around this forum. you are all from the other side of the world :) now in England is 3:30 am.

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not all. :D    off the top of my head, there are members in Finland, Germany, Australia, Lebanon, and others on your half of the globe. :L:

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