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The decked system came this week. A very cleverly designed kit. I am using the Toyota Tacoma version. I had to massage it a lot due to the tonneau cover canister. I decided on the 6' 2" system verses the 5ft as I didn't want the gap at the end of the bed. Turned out pretty good















Also decided to dump the gigantic Warn Winch controller box and just mount the sealed Solenoid. Takes up much less space. With cable covers it will work fine. Needed the room to route AC lines.











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1 hour ago, Limeyjeeper said:

Warn Winch controller box

What were you using this for?

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I have a Boostwerks engineering hidden winch mount with an M8000 Warn winch as part of the build.

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Got the windows in over the weekend along with the electric window regulators. Used kit JE-01K from Electric Life. Wouldn't recommend them. Regulators are ok but it took two attempts to get the kit. First one had one jeep regulator and one for a Chevy S10. Even the second on had two different designs. They are nice and fast. 




Also installed a Ford Ranger Cargo and Brake light using an antenna mount from BulletProof Deisel. Not cheap but a very high quality piece. Also allows me to mount my CB antenna. It allows you to fit an F150 cargo 3rd Brake light. I used a smoked LED from Recon access Part No 264129BK










Wiring harness is almost complete Got a set of cables for the winch from BestBoatWire.com. Great prices. high quality product. Used them for the winch on my LJ.






PCM and Cruise Control Servo are installed. The green wire is an additional circuit for the temp gauge. I am using the GM 3 pin ECT which also provides a gauge output. Makes things easier. Just need to do the plug for the servo controller




Also managed to install the fluid reservoir in the fender and run the hose and pump and low fluid wiring.




Also converted the console from an auto to a 5 Speed and added a boot from Redline.




Picked up a set of JK wheels for $140 for 5. Got my local powder coater to play with one. I think it looks pretty good. Satin graphite and satin black.




Finally I got hold of a CR Laurence rear window. I really like it. Lower profile than stock. My OEM is missing the latch which I know are almost impossible to find. Fit looks decent.





My son is visiting in a couple of weeks for a week, so we should be able to get engine, trans, transfer case, Dash, heater box finally installed. Going to try to get the jeep close to starting. Still lots to do. Just not enough hours in the day. Wanna try and be finished before the All Breeds Show in July........


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Just an amazing  build! On the rear window do you have a slight gap between the body and window frame? I have one of the CR ones and theres a slight maybe 1/4" gap. Thought it might have been a poor install but wasnt too sure. Works fine and worst case I'll lay down a bead of silicone to seal it up. 

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The instructions say to drill 6 holes on the body and pull the frame in. It looks like if I do that it should lay down pretty well. The frame seems to have a bit of flex in it. I won't actually be installing it for a while.

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