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86 Comanche X

2.5L 4WD 5 speed manual

Long bed


Greetings and salutations! This is my dad's 86 Comcanche X. He purchased it brand new and refuses to part with it so now I am trying to help get it back into working order. My family has had many memories with this truck and just about everyone in my family has borrowed it to move furniture and such. It has the original engine and it is on its 2nd or 3rd transmission.


He claims it runs and drives fine but he's having issues with the instrument cluster. Trying to find a replacement has led me here. Would it be easier to attempt to rebuild the instrument cluster? My expertise is in vintage VWs so tackling this is slightly foreign to me. 








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Sounds about how I got mine. Same truck 86 long bed 2.5L 5 speed. Funny enough, I'm also having some issues with my instrument gauge, luckily it only looks to be the lighting now functionality. If you ever feel like parting with that bed topper, let me know! Best of luck.

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