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This place says they have more than 10.




I have them in my truck, very nice.

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To everyone-

I've replied to three people who are interested.


Here is some further info I am sharing with everyone:


These come in 82-94 (1st gen) S10 Blazers and Oldsmobile Bravadas.  They only come in black.  Part number 20370830.  There is one per truck in the rear cargo area.  I've seen two types, they are exactly the same except one has a prominent ridge around the rocker switch and the other does not.  I prefer the ridge, so that is the only type I pull.  I've painted them maroon with SEM paint, and it is a near perfect match to the MJ interior.  I've got two shades of gray, a lighter and a darker, and both are a so-so match- I have a 1991 Cherokee to compare it to.  My 91 MJ has a maroon interior.


Painting takes some time on my part, and the paint is expensive.  But they turn out really nice.


The stock opening must be enlarged about 1/8" longer and 1/16" taller.  This is easiest done with a dremel but can also be done with a hand file.  I had to remove the B pillar to do mine.


Wiring:  Cut off the stock plug and splice on the Chevy plug.

Black- Ground

Orange- B+

White- Ground from door switch


They will come on when the door is opened, and can be operated independently by the rocker switch, or through the headlight switch in the normal fashion.



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