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Mythical MJ. 87, 4 cyl, auto, 4x4, Laredo, Factory 4.56’s

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So I picked up this 87 Laredo for $100 and a 30 pack of beer.  Came with a Clean and clear Ks title.  Was about 30 min from where I live.  It’s a little rusty but for the price couldn’t pass it up.  Now for the goodies  its an 87, LWB, Laredo Package, 2.5   4 cylinder, aw4 automatic, 4x4, factory 4.56 gears. bucket seats,  full console.  Only 113k miles on it.  It sat for a year before I found it.  The kid parked it bc it started leaking tranny fluid.  When I looked at it I noticed the tranny line was sitting on the exhaust ( it rubbbed a hole in the line)  I got it and not 30 min later of having it home it was back in the road. Also has the most pristine tail lights that I’ve ever seen!!. 


 Now the bad.  Body is rusty, ie: both rockers, both cab corners, bed, and frame has some decent holes under the bed.  Should I fix it up or part it out.  

I also have another 87 that I just bought that’s a SWB, 4.0  5spd 4x4,  but it’s a base model.  No radio or speakers but has an all black interior, black rubber floor mat and bucket seats.  Been thinking about swapping entire interior and axles from the Laredo Into the base one. 




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