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I've been selling and digging. I found these extras yesterday.





The white 1 is another 3/4 cluster to what I do not know. I didn't label it but there is a good part# in pic to look up. I will take $75 shipped on it. $100 shipped for the full. I only ship to in the US 48. Thanks. I'm tired of getting hounded on Facebook for these with people trying to trade me everything and anything. I have several more that I found yesterday. Full clusters $75 shipped, 3/4 $50 shipped to the U.S. 48. None of them are low milege. All over a hundred thousand before I get asked. $50 shipped to members here. I found a pile in my attic. I must have close to 2 dozen 84 through 90 Renix clusters. Different versions and years. I had no idea they must have been up there 10 or more years. 


So I have been selling the heck out of these on Facebook just the past week before Xmas posting them. I sold out of 86 clusters in less than 24 hours and not listing them even. I have 2 full gauge clusters left and I think that's it, hopefully. There were way too many here. I still have a small pile of h.o. and a few idiot renix clusters.


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