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The Prodigal Son Returns

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The plan for this truck is to cut it up and scrap it. It’s a 92 4.0l 5-speed 4x4 longbed. I had some more time this evening so I was able to remove the entire harness and all the interior pieces. All I have left to do is pull the drivetrain then I’m going to cut the truck into pieces that will fit on my trailer and scrap it. 






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Life is very busy. I work full-time, travel at least 10 weeks a year, I have a wife and two children, I’m remodeling our 100 year old home, we have 13 animals, I have a podcast, and my biggest waste of time is I am commissioner of my fantasy football league. So when three separate people sent me the same ad for two broken MJs that were 4 hours from me, I should know that I don’t have time for that at all. 


So here’s what I bought. A mildly built 88 longbed with a blown-up transmission (pukegoat) in a box in the bed and some random parts pulled from under the hood, and the second MJ is a 92 longbed 4.0l 5-speed 4x4 that is absolutely beat to hell. I paid $1200 for both trucks. I got very little info from the seller before showing up in Winnemucca Nevada with two trailers. My buddies and I loaded them up and dragged them home. 


My my original plan was to fix the 88 and sell it to fund a nice build on the 92. Once I saw the trucks in person I knew instantly that wasn’t going to happen. I got the tucks home and came up with a new plan. The new plan is to combine the best parts of both Jeeps to build one truck. Two Jeeps one truck. This still ends with me getting an HO MJ, I just have to tear two trucks apart and then assemble one from scratch. Sounds like just what I needed in my already busy life. 


I’ve missed you guys so much though, and I know it was probably hard on you all while I was gone. Don’t worry guys, I’m going to be back for awhile now. 







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That ‘92 came with a visor. I see you’ve already removed it. Should be able to pull some sweet cash out of that if you don’t want it... 


Yes, life changes do take away from wrenching time, two young kids here as well...

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