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'90 Pioneer, 4.0, automatic, 2wd, ps/pb/ac/cruise. Color-blue. Floor pans are pristine, no rust (not even surface rust). Bought it on 08/06/2018, saved it from local salvage yard. Needs and engine and driver's side door.

Build date; 07/89


Plan to rebuild and make it my daily driver, keep it all stock.






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Sorry that I haven't updated this lately.  "Ol' Blue" is starting to look a bit better since I first brought him home. Replaced the driver's door, installed a full gauge cluster, f & r shocks, put in a new stereo, swapped the new tires and wheels over from "The Beast" ('90 Sportruck, swb, 2.5, 4 speed). Sold it to get "Ol' Blue".  List of a things in it; 4.0, auto, AC, tilt, cruise, comfort/power switch for the trans..  Lower end rattles like crazy, #5 rod bearing is about toast---#4 not so bad. Will be replacing the 4.0 before too long. Bought new carpet, headliner material, seat foam and cover. Will put those in after sealing and lining the entire cab, also putting Dyna-Mat in for sound dampening. Have new front bumper, bumper end caps, bumper guards and new rear bumper to put on after it gets painted (with new striping and lettering). Will keep updating this as it progresses :) 





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love the rims! :D 


but this section is more for the VIN numbers.  you should start a thread in the projects section for ongoing updates. :L: 

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