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92 2.5 stuff


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0629181405.jpg.bc33ef3335c3f6dc803dcc5d93493783.jpgI just got a tiny corner of garage cleaned to make space for the perfectly good drivetrain from this rusty turd so I can finally get it outta here. It has around 113000 miles on it and ran great, but as you can see the mj was near rusted out completely in unit frame rails. The newly leaking rear brakes 3 months ago kinda let me think it was time to retire it. So Id like to sell motor, complete harness, transmission and drive shaft together. Ill put $400 on it all for a number. I thought about saving it for my 86 2.5 in case, but as you can see space is limited and I have 2 good 4.0's in this garage and a couple more where I'm trying to move to within a year.  I'm flexible. I don't want to ship or haul it. Buyer responsible for pick up. Thanks for looking and the add once again.0630181208b.jpg.e2f64dfd638e02d848e2fd765463f16d.jpg0630181208.jpg.c7de67b2b7b0f5c0cc2f0b02ff89cc07.jpg0630181208c.jpg.627887bae06774a6cce3ea9244ad561e.jpg0630181208d.jpg.220d3242721bb9d4ee4da4e0c4e0c52b.jpg0629181406.jpg.892fd6d1df463ec0ec477cd404ff3ee5.jpg0630181212a.jpg.b3730915a632bf2a7f126ff12ac4a772.jpg

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