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‘86 Comanche X

2.5L long box 4wd 5 spd manual

56k miles

build date unknown (door sticker faded)


I found her up in Kalispell, Montana this past March. I’m the third owner.


Replaced all fluids, shocks, battery and a bunch of bulbs. She got a fresh coat of paint, medium blue metallic, an original color from that year. Working on re-creating the original decals. Found a set of rust free steel jeep rims but I kept the original ones and am restoring them. This is my first comanche so I’m not sure if it’s rare but it has the factory “comanche” bed liner. Been pretty much inside and out on this vehicle and it is 100% original, and I plan to keep it stock.

I Shipped it back to the east coast and it now resides on the island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts. Lots of old cherokees and wagoneers on the island but only a couple Comanches:)




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